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August 14, 2014 2 comments

Yesterday was Day 13 of the MAGIC UP YOUR BLOG Challenge! I’m only 12 hours late! Hopefully there will be two posts today; my yesterday fell apart because I over-committed again. Are you ready to challenge yourself yet? Go here: – We’re just doing the best we can, and there’s still 18 days left!

The topics are My Favorite Quote or my Philosophy of Life. Let’s see where this take us.

To make a prairie

by Emily Dickinson, 1830 – 1886

To make a prairie it takes a clover and one bee
One clover, and a bee.
And revery.
The revery alone will do,
If bees are few.

Don’t ever ask me to state my favorite quote, because I’d be tongue-tied. Just a few days ago I rediscovered this little piece of prose in poetry. A career-coach’s syndicated column appears in the Las Vegas Review-Journal every Sunday. This was the subject of his column on July 27 (so I’m a little behind in my reading, alright?). You can find Mr. Amdur at, as well as on Facebook. Find his archived posts in the left navigation bar.

Mr. Amdur turned the column into a rant against mobile media. He was at the end of his vacation in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, walking with his wife when he saw this quote carved into the 2nd-story cornerstone of a building. Had he not been looking up, he would have missed it, and wondered how many wonderful and inspiring things get missed by those staring down at their electronics. I am not turning this into such a rant.

But I will mention the serendipity (one of my current favorite words) of finding and saving that column, with the intent to write about the poem in my blog, just a couple of days before needing a favorite quote to write about in the Blog Challenge. That simply blows me away. It is also a perfect example of that poem in action.

I browse the papers for writing ideas. I read them for research for my books. I work from home now, so I need to stay current on all the ‘water-cooler’ trending topics I miss, but net news and TV news give incomplete, often biased reports. You have to dig for more information, where our newspapers often publish opposing views right on the same pages. (I digress again.)

Oh yes, the serendipity! The newspaper is my fertile prairie. My trained eye is the bee. My crazy brain provides the reverie (spelling in 2014). To me as a writer, this poem is about my creativity. Finding that nugget, cleaning it, shaping it, polishing it until it shines. The reverie can be a dream while sleeping, a fleeting thought while daydreaming, or your subconscious reading a headline and sparking up your intuition about possibilities to make you take notice.

We can all come up with our own examples based on how you use creativity in your life and work. I’d love to hear your interpretations below.  And if you find you’re unable to use creativity in your life and work, if you think that’s just for the very young, and work is too serious to trust to dreams and daydreams – Get your head out of your Smart Phone!

Day 12: Stop Living Someone Else’s Life!

August 12, 2014 2 comments


Today is about your younger self, and what one thing you know today that she didn’t have a clue.

The original Spiritual Badass herself, Amethyst Mahoney, had quite a discussion on her blog about the word “Authenticity.” It seems to mean something different to each individual. But I wondered how many people in their 20s and even 30s really know who their authentic self is, or is expected to be? Now, by ‘is expected to be’ I mean your place in the world, not who your parents or guardian expected you to become.

Let’s talk about men first. Men have it bad enough. They might be expected to take over the family business, or go to medical or law school because all the men in the family did. They might sadly hear the words, “you are the man of the house now” if their father dies unexpectedly, regardless of whether they are 8 or 18 at the time. And they pretty much get the idea early on that, with the women having the children and earning less money on average, they will be the major bread-earner in the home.

Women in the family represent someone different to every member of their families, both birth and marriage family. You’re Daddy’s little girl, which eventually translates to you’re not settled and happy until you’re married and taken care of. Your mother hopes for a better life for you with travel, plenty of money, and again, a good husband who can give you all this. Oh yes, her first question will be “When are the grandchildren coming?” You’ll be expected to know how to mother your children as well from birth. They will ask if your husband has learned how to change diapers yet after six months. Your husband will expect you to do everything his mother did for him plus. Your in-laws will expect you to get your husband to help them.

Bottom line is, your families, teachers, employers and employees, doctors, dentist, lawyers, accountants all have preconceived ideas of how you are supposed to act, react, speak and perform.

Here’s what I know today that I wish I could have time traveled to tell myself: Trust Yourself.

I might add, only yourself, up to a point. There will be good people in your life, cheering you on. Seek their counsel. The Universe will send you mentors, teachers, helpers. They will come and go in their own time. Take what they have for you and travel on.

Most importantly, listen to your intuition. If you feel compelled to do something and think you know how to go about getting it, do it. Do it independently, don’t expect someone else to finance it, but if it’s the right thing to do, you’ll find a way.

If something in your life isn’t working out, dump it, as soon as possible. You don’t gain anything by staying in place for another year. You lose … not only a year, but what you would have been doing during that year had you left. Time is your life. You don’t owe anyone or anything your life unless you’ve offered it because it’s right for you.

You only have so many years here, so do not waste them. Be sure to help those who fall under your guidance, then set them free.

Be free, happy, engaged, and purposed. As only you can be.

Experience Your Life!

This was my post for Day 12 of the MAGIC UP YOUR BLOG Challenge! Jump on board here: – We’re not half way through yet, so think of what you could get written!



Those We Meet on Our Spiritual Path

August 11, 2014 10 comments

Day 11 of the MAGIC UP YOUR BLOG Challenge! If you’d like to join the party, go here:’re just warming up so start where we are today!


Today is all about meeting and relating to others walking a spiritual path, and the benefits and sometimes pitfalls you might find along the way.

My friend Jan calls me a curmudgeon. That’s OK. She’s earned that right having known me for more than 30 years, helping each other with practically every problem a woman can trip into. She’s right. I’m part hermit, and a bit eccentric with equal parts attention deficit and obsessive compulsive tendencies. Words fall as easily out of my mouth as they do typed into my computer, and I often question the wisdom of those words equally. Why do I unveil myself as such a character? To show that if I easily meet spiritual people, so can anyone.

My opinion is that there are no more or less spiritual individuals alive today than before. We have souls. We are all on a spiritual journey of some sort. For some it is very private. For others it is still shared in traditional settings, which provide safe, organized and ritualistic guidance on that path. The Catholic church brought me far down my path. I needed the ancient traditions and rituals. I still love the Latin Mass, though it doesn’t fall as easily off my tongue as it once did. Other people need to create their own rituals, studying philosophy and other beliefs, communing with nature and wildlife.

Personally, I don’t care if you dance naked in the moonlight, as long you have found your way to express your Gratitude, Hope, Love and Peace. And because I love to chat and learn (hey, I’m a writer), people open up. Both online and in line at a grocery store, conversation should flow easily between spirits. Just relax into it. Everybody’s not out to steal from you.

True, it seems our planet Earth is on an unusual upswing with spiritualism, but I see that as manifesting because:

(a) there exists the ability to communicate all the bad news to everybody in record time, numbers, and outlets, making it seem there is more bad news than ever before. And

(b) the same possibilities exist for spiritual people to reach out, communicate, pontificate (as I admit to doing at times in this blog), educate, and hopefully spread all the good news, assisting others in their journey, struggles and sorrows.

(c) We are tired of Wars of all sorts: War on Poverty, on Drugs, on Discrimination, on Bullying. We are tired of finding less money available to help our own citizens while we help other countries fight wars that are not ours. We do not want war anymore of any sort, including the Republicans vs. the Democrats. Fix the problems or stop pretending you’re doing something and resign. We don’t want to pay your salary any more either. We want peace.

Unfortunately, I have experienced several pitfalls in this spiritualistic reaching out:

  1. Joint Ventures – I assume several individuals/organizations have connected to reach the largest number of people. Because they don’t compare lists, I receive the identical offers from several sources. I am starting to disconnect from a large number of them. JV’s should be complimentary but different.
  2. How to Make Six or Seven Figures – How many spiritual people can only teach money-making techniques? If I ever make that kind of money, it will be because my books are entertaining to read and reach the correct audience. It won’t be because of my spiritual path. It truly makes me wonder why you consider yourself a spiritual business.
  3. Buy! Buy! Buy! – Sending me three emails a day, six days a week won’t make me even want to buy from you! It will make me Unsubscribe. We all have to make a living, but quality sells. If you don’t want to teach or distribute information for free, than don’t do it. Send me a short, quality email telling me what I will gain by purchasing from you, or ask for a donation. Either way, it’s how you present what you present that will make me decide. And my decision is my own. I actually sat through a free webinar where they taught that some people will never buy no matter how many free offers you give them, insinuating there’s something wrong with those people – just write them off and hope they unsubscribe. Hello? Are you targeting the right market? Did you also forget every person on that webinar was in at no cost to themselves?
  4. OK. One more pitfall and I send the Curmudgeon back to her cave. Exchanging Lists and Promoting Without Full Disclosure – This has been a new experience recently, and I expect it to spread. I receive a free offer. I click on it and leave my email (of course). The next day I get two emails; one from my original source, and one from the new source. They are both offering freebies. Duh, stupidly I clicked on both to see what would happen. Two more requests for emails. See where this is going? Wonder why I get more than 120 emails a day? Guess what? You don’t have to worry about giving away your work. I’m now done with freebies! These people are making a business out of promoting each other. JV again at its finest?

This is just an example of how people take advantage of our culture and ‘trending’ opportunities. I really don’t mean to insult anyone here, but please be aware of what is happening, and how you are perceived.

Last point? It shouldn’t be difficult to meet people, spiritual outies or private. If you’re authentic and put yourself out there just a bit, like souls will find you. They will flock to share this great experience we are sharing on Planet Earth.


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