My 12 Rules for Life

August 29, 2014 6 comments

My Salute to Ayn Rand via Wikipedia

My Salute to Ayn Rand via Wikipedia

My challenge today was to write my Creed, Manifesto, or personal 10 Commandments.

When I hear the term Manifesto, I get very nervous. (There’s a sad, dirty cabin in the woods way way up north where a hermit lives with rifles, assault weapons and a manifesto that lies in piles on the floor and stapled to the walls.)

As a Catholic, the Creed and Commandments are something very different and specific.

So I chose to write my personal rules for life and living. As a Romance writer, I thought it appropriate to show another author’s cover to remind us we all have our own manifesto. Ayn Rand had volumes to say about hers.

Linda Taylor’s 12 Rules for Life and Living

  1. Honor the Planet Earth that we all share.
  2. Honor the Universe that we share.
  3. Honor all the Inhabitants of the Earth and Universe, past, current and future, human, alien, animal, vegetable, mineral, and the water with which we maintain life and share.
  4. Honor and Respect all Inhabitants’ Existence, Beliefs and Points of View, even if unspoken.
  5. Honor and Respect their Freedom and Independence.
  6. Cause, Allow, and/or Do No Harm.
  7. Clean what is Dirty.
  8. Feed what is Hungry.
  9. Heal what is Hurt.
  10. Love what is not Loved.
  11. Always offer a helping hand when you are able.
  12. Honor, Respect, Protect, Love, and Guide Yourself.

Life is Precious.

This Video … is pretty much my life!

August 27, 2014 Leave a comment

I am where I want to be.

I am doing what I want to be doing.

I always have a dog to entertain …

and to entertain me.



And if that wasn’t crazy or happy enough, this one is in action.



Feeling like a room without a roof yet?


My Top 10 Favorite Meals

August 26, 2014 6 comments

pizza abcnews

Top 10 Lists are so in … and I love to cook, watch Food Network for hours, and collect QVC cookbooks. So it stands to reason I would have 10 favorite meals. I won’t say dinners, because many of my personal favorites are BLDs (breakfast, lunch, or dinner). Mind you, I cook a lot more than these, and try a new recipe every week if there’s time. But I’m a simple soul who mostly just requires sustenance. So #1 really makes perfect sense — with a salad.

  1. Pizza – Usually homemade unless I’m in a hurry.
  2. BLT on toast w/Mayo. Love an order of steak fries with this when out.
  3. Chicken Parmigiana with a side of spaghetti marinara.
  4. Eggplant Parmigiana (yes, cheese is my friend)
  5. Chinese Orange Sesame Chicken with Vegetable Fried Rice
  6. Fig, Sweet Red Peppers, and Prosciutto Herbed Linguine (I have a fig tree in the back yard)
  7. Hungarian Beef Goulash or Stroganoff over egg noodles (pile on the mushrooms)
  8. Traditional Beef Lasagna (Christmas Eve dinner)
  9. Stuffed Roast Chicken w/all the trimmings (Christmas dinner)
  10. Eggs – any style, but I am partial to a huge omelette!

Are any of these on your favorite-meal list?

Don’t ask how many of my meals are just a large salad, especially in the hot desert summer.

If you have your own fig tree, just ask, I’ll send you my recipe! You’ve got to try it.

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