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Web Log 2012.8.21: A New Endeavor

English: An Entennmann's cake donut, bought fr...

English: An Entennmann’s cake donut, bought from a grocery store four-variety pack. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is not the Star Ship Enterprise, but it’s a sign that my direction is true and my ambition is ship-shape!

I’ve read article upon article about the necessity for new authors to develop a “platform” on-line; increase visibility; grow a following to assist potential agents and publishers in marketing the author and his or her epics. I get that, especially in this economy. Yet I’ve fought the requirement, reading the regret of other authors’ lost writing time while tending to their blogs.

For some reason this week I recognized my own personal Web Log is handing me a freebie: the great opportunity to develop the essayist within. All those letters I wrote only in my head, communicated only to my two companion dogs (and sometimes to a can of beans in the grocery store) would finally have their day in my blog! Writing the essay was an honorable pastime for 19th and 20th century writers, and a sensible way to keep the ink flowing through the brain in between projects, or while the current WIP slowly simmered. An essayist, hmm. I always loved James Thurber. He was a dog lover too.

It is quite possible that the often-cursed internet, combined with this push for writers’ platforms and interaction, is bringing about a renaissance in literary proliferation, circulation and collaboration. A huge on-line writers’ colony has developed a fraternity of training and encouragement, drilling newbies on story structure, character arcs and the dreaded cliché. I never learned this much as a college English major! (Okay, not entirely the college’s fault. I had other interests, shall we say.) Some of the published authors hold drawings offering free reading and comments on your WIP’s first two or three pages. For the uninitiated, that stands for your work-in-progress. I learned that in a blog, and looked it up in Wikipedia.

One thing I’ve lived and observed: writers crave publication at any cost. They must have their work read and, once again, the internet has provided another outlet for authors in self-publishing and e-books. Since so much of the old system’s opportunities have shrunk, I might publish my books on-line as well. Maybe even give away a couple of freebies.

Not so scary now that I’ve published my first blog post.

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